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Fishing 101

You will learn bass fishing taught by local experts. These instructors have been fishing in tournaments for many years. They are members of BASSMASTERS and the Florida Federation Nation. You will start from the beginning with bass fishing or they will see what you already know and instruct you from there. You will learn about the biology of bass and the environments in which they live. You will learn the nine reasons that bass will strike your lure. You will learn how to use the lures and how to make a proper lure selection. You will learn how to tie the knots to secure your lures. You will learn how to effectively cast and set the hook. Part of the class will be done in a classroom setting and part of the class will involve being on the water practicing your newly learned techniques and skills. This class is for all levels of ability and for any age. We have sessions after school and in the evening, along with a weekend program.

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