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I wanted to thank Brad and The School of Bass Fishing. My 14-year-old son has been fishing with Brad for several years now. Not only does Brad know all about fishing, but he has a way with kids that transfers his energy and excitement about the sport to them. He teaches them about life. He tries to make all of the activities a rewarding experience and promotes their self-esteem through his positive interactions with not only the kids but with the parents as well. Brad has been a great role model for my son and I highly recommend Brad Stokes and The School of Bass Fishing to anyone who wants to enrich the lives of their children.


I have had the privilege of knowing Brad and fishing with him over a number of years. We were members of the same bass fishing club for a few years and fished together both while he was in the club and after he left the club to start the School of Bass. Brad has a long-standing intimate knowledge of bass fishing in our Florida lakes. He knows where to find bass during any of the rapidly changing weather. He knows what lures to present to the fish and also how to work the lures. He knows how to match rods and reels and line with a particular bait in order to maximize performance and get results.

As a fishing partner he is fun to be with, pleasant and considerate. Brad is not only willing but also anxious to share his wisdom and experience. His enthusiasm for the sport of bass fishing is both obvious and infections. With Brad at the helm, the School of Bass is the place to go to get the best bass fishing education in the state,

Tight Lines and Keep Fishing

Jack St. Lawrence.

I joined the Florida Trails Jr Bassmasters a few years ago where Brad was a volunteer boat captain for all the kids in the club. When we first meet I was young and only knew the basics of bass fishing. When I started to fish in the Florida Trails I was introduced to a myriad of ways to catch bass and how to improve my angling skills.

Brad was a large part of that learning experience for me. He was my boat captain for a couple of tournaments in the Florida Trails. Over time we became close friends and he started to take me fishing outside of the club and would help me pre-fish for tournaments. He was a big part of my success in the Jr Bassmasters circuit where I won Angler of the Year, won multiple tournaments, and consistently finished in the top ten of the B.A.S.S Jr State Tournament.

All of my success is partly due to the way Brad dedicated his time to teaching me how to become a better angler. I look ahead to many more years of fishing with Brad and the opportunity to continue to learn and improve my angling skills from him.

Preston Smith


Kudos to you and your entire staff!

My grandson, age 11, had such a great time at summer camp. Everyday was a new adventure. Not only did he learn so much, but the encouragement he received allowed him to step outside his comfort zone.

I observed high-fives and pats on the back. Even when giving feedback, it was done with a positive approach. Building his self-esteem, and giving him confidence, were as important, if not more so, than learning the sport.

Something you said made a huge impression on me, and speaks to your character. You said, “If you could get kids interested in the sport, and save just one child from taking the wrong path in life…you’ve done your job!” Priceless!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for offering such a wonderful and safe summer program. It was a week of excitement, and a lifetime of memories!


Jackie and Randy

Just wanted to say that my son, age 13, is a tough sell. He has NEVER come home bragging about how much fun he has had for any camp until now!! Great job!! And he is tired at the end of the day which is even better!! Thanks so much! Says he wants to do it again next year!


Our 8 year old son participated in The School of Bass Fishing during the Summer of 2012. He is a fairly advanced fisherman for his age so we were looking for a fishing camp or school that would challenge him and teach him new information, methods and techniques. Brad Stokes' School of Bass Fishing was exactly what we were looking for.

Our son had a great time, received a significant amount of one-on-one time, and greatly improved his bass fishing knowledge and skill. Mr. Stokes showed an ability to adapt the lessons to different skill levels, the kids spent a lot of time on the water and our son caught fish everyday. The fishing tournament and graduation party on Friday were a very nice touch... including the graduation certificates, awards, gifts, barbeque lunch, and more.

When you consider that the cost of this week long fishing school is about the same as a half day guided bass fishing trip... you get a LOT for the money. Our son will certainly be back next year!

Brad & Kelly V.

I have had the pleasure of fishing with Brad Stokes on his boat on several occasions. Brad is as knowledgeable about bass fishiing as any professional on the fishing circuit, and he has an encyclopedic knowledge of bass fishing during each season of the year. His bait selection produces results and anyone fishing with Brad would be well advised to listen and follow his instructions. He will take you to areas of lakes that he has “pre-fished” and marked the location on his GPS. This expedites taking his charges to the best fishing locations and getting lines in the water. Brad’s fishing policy is catch-photograph-and release, and he takes pride in preserving the natural environment and the fish species. I had a great time fishing with Brad and I think you will too.

Jack R. Leonard

Our two sons age 15 and 12 attended The School of Bass Fishing Camp this summer. They LOVED it. Each morning they were so excited to get to camp, and each afternoon they were excited to tell us what they had learned. They had such a great time, and can't wait to go back next year!

Wayne and Debbie B

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